Structured Wiring Systems

Data + Phone + Cameras + Audio + HDMI + WiFi


With our Structured Wiring Solutions, there is no need to worry about connectivity – we provide a full solution for all your Hardwired and Wireless Devices, From Cat 5, Cat 6 & Coax Cabling from our Panels to the wall Jacks that you plug your device into. We have a great insight to current, trending and future technology – don’t worry we’ll keep you future proofed.

Our Structured Wiring Solutions include Wiring and Distribution for Data, Cat5e, Cat6, Coax, Phone, Audio, HDMI Distribution, Video Surveillance, Cell Phone Boosters, Whole House Roam Free WiFi System and more.

It Starts in the Panel

Our Structured Wiring Panel is Flush mounted into the wall and All of the Cabling is Home Run here. All Cables are Terminated and Individually Documented for its location and purpose. Various Modules are installed depending on Connectivity and Distribution needs.

At the Wall Jack

The Wall Jack has Multiple Connectivity Purposes. Use it for your Cable Box, Apple TV or Smart TV. This is the Endpoint of the Cat5e, Cat6 and Coax Cabling

Behind the TV

A Better Solution for a Clean Look. With our Behind the TV Wall Boxes there is no need for unsightly wires. We Provide a clean, hidden Installation. Components like Cable and DIRECTV boxes, Apple TV and Surge Protection fit Neatly inside

Whole House WiFi – Blanket your home in fast, reliable WiFi

No more dead zones. No more buffering

A set of Managed Access Points covers the typical home. They work in unison to deliver hyper-fast, super-stable WiFi to every nook of every room with a roam free environment. Stream video, Video Chat, email friends from anywhere in your home. And from your pool deck, too.

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