Outdoor + Landscape

Own the Outdoors

Take your Entertainment outdoors. With Outdoor + Landscape Speakers and Outdoor TVs we have the complete Outdoor Entertainment Solution that you will actually use and enjoy.

An Outdoor Entertainment Experience

Living in Southwest Florida offers a great Outdoor Entertainment Experience pretty much year round. Music by the around the Pool, Outdoor Kitchen and Lanai paired with an Outdoor TV for News, Viewing your Surveillance System and more lends to the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Experience.

Music + TV

In Florida our Outdoor living Spaces are used as much as indoors. At CounterStrike we have custom Solutions for TV and Music Systems outside – From Outdoor TVs to Great Sounding Speaker Systems

Landscape Music

Great sound shouldn’t come with hot spots. Traditional box-speaker installations can result in unbalanced volume and uneven coverage. A Landscape speaker solution has a wide dispersion angle, so you can avoid hot spots and angry neighbors.

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