SONOS – Built In

It’s no Secret that we love SONOS at CounterStrike – We especially love it when clients ask us about getting SONOS in their New Construction Custom Home. Its’s SONOS – Built In.

Back in the day (a few years ago) getting music piped throughout your home involved bulky amplifiers, tuners, iPod docks, CD Players, complicated control systems a crazy CD collection and limited music sources.

Today, life is simpler with Streaming Music – If you don’t have a Streaming Music account like Pandora Radio, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music or Deezer you’re missing out on Custom Playlists, Mood and Activity based Music and Custom Stations based on Music that you actually like. Most of our Clients have another home up north, your Music System in your Florida home shouldn’t limit you to Local (Cape Coral, Fort Myers or Naples) Radio Stations. With Tunein Radio you can dial in your Home City and listen to your Favorite Radio Station from up North and even another Country.

Although SONOS has Awesome Compact In Room Speakers like the SONOS One, Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5, we often get asked for a Built In Sound System.


What’s Involved in Built-in SONOS?

Simple. A SONOS CONNECT:AMP, Some Definitive Technology Speakers, In wall Wiring and the magic of our Trained Technicians. Our Technicians Run Cabling in your New Construction Home before the drywall goes up and once ready we install the Speakers and SONOS Amp(s). Our Techs are gurus at Fishing wires in your existing home too, when we are done it’s as though you planned it from Day 1.



This is what your SONOS App Connects to, it also provides the Streaming Music and is the Amplifier for the Speakers. We Hardwire the Built In Speakers to the SONOS CONNECT:AMP. Our Rule of Thumb – 1 SONOS CONNECT:AMP for 1 Pair of Speakers.

  • Brings music streaming to your favorite indoor or outdoor speakers.
  • More sonic punch. Built-in amplifier powers large or small speakers.
  • 55 W per channel at 8 Ohms.
  • RCA line-in for connecting a range of playback sources.
  • Subwoofer line-out.
  • Streams over wi-fi, not Bluetooth, so the music never stops – even if you get a phone call.
  • Connect SONOS to an Amazon Echo or Dot, then simply request the music you love.




We Love using Definitive Technology (Def Tech) Speakers with SONOS – We have found that when we pair Def Tech Speakers we can offer our Clients an impressive Sounding System. For the Value – Def Tech is unmatched.

In Ceiling Speakers – We Typically Start with Def Tech’s 6.5″ Flush Mount In Ceiling Speakers that virtually disappear on the Ceiling. For Larger Room and Rooms with High Ceilings we step up to the 8″ Series.

On the Patio – Depending on the Ceiling Construction (Stucco, Drywall or Tongue and Groove Wood Ceiling) and Location of the Home (Inland or Waterfront) we will either spec the In Ceiling Speakers or an All Weather Wall Mounted Speaker – Outside we love using the All Weather Wall Mounted Speaker, we find that we get a better bass response from them outside.

In Room Speakers – Nothing’s Better than having a nice pair of In Room Tower Speakers with Integrated Subwoofers, especially when listening to High Resolution Streaming Audio like Deezer and Tidal.

Landscape and Around the Pool – Just because you are in the Pool it doesn’t mean that you have to have the music loud so you can hear it, that only annoys your neighbors, and your guests cannot have a conversation under your covered patio with our Landscape and Around the Pool Speaker Systems we distribute the sound so you can have it at low volume levels and enjoy it.



Compact SONOS In Room Speakers – Built In

Yeh We can do that too! For Spaces like Bathrooms and Guest Small Bedrooms we like using the SONOS One (with Amazon Alexa) or the SONOS PLAY:1 and Installing them in the Wall with a Play-box, this gives a Built In look for a Fraction of the Cost of a SONOS CONNECT:AMP and Speakers. We like doing these in Guest Areas, this way your Guests can enjoy music in your home, and keeps the Investment of Built In speakers to the Entertaining Spaces as well as Spaces that you (the Homeowner) will frequent the most. After all you don’t want your guest to be too comfortable, then they’ll never leave 🙂


Control the System  

SONOS’ Control of Volume, Room and Music Selection is Primarily done via the SONOS app on your Tablet or Smartphone. There are however some rooms when it’s Handy not to rely on your Smartphone or Tablet to control your System. That’s why we love the iPort xPRESS SONOS Audio Keypad for this.

xPRESS, the Audio Keypad for SONOS, allows you to start playing SONOS instantly without having to take your phone out of your pocket or purse.

Place xPRESS anywhere you want instant access to SONOS.  Play, skip tracks and adjust volume, all with the simplicity of flicking on the lights.  And, with the Star button, toggle and auto-play all of your SONOS favorites whether Spotify playlists, Pandora Radio Stations and more!

Install on a wall, place on the coffee table, or magnetically mount to the fridge. Use xPRESS as an individual controller, or control a group when you create one in SONOS.  xPRESS: control SONOS music instantly from anywhere in the house.



So now that you are in love with the Concept of SONOS – Built In, Contact us today for a Quote, we do SONOS – Built In for New Construction Homes, Custom Homes and Existing Homes in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Naples Areas.




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