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We recently Completed a SAVANT Home Automation Project in a Remodeled Condo in Fort Myers, FL that we think is worth bragging about.

We were introduced to the Client by Paul Beattie. Paul Owns Beattie Development, we have worked with Paul and his Team since 2012, providing Home Technology Solutions for his Clients on every New Home that they built and on every remodel.

The Client loves technology and wanted us to provide a Flagship System that would Control his entire condo as well as provide him with an Invisible Audio and Video System that would come alive at the Touch of a button throughout his Home. Since he lives Overseas as well, he also needed a simple way to manage his Fort Myers Home from his iPhone and iPad. The fact that the Client has SAVANT Systems in his other homes, we of Course chose SAVANT for the Home’s Control System, to keep his Homes Unified across one platform and, well, SAVANT has a pretty reliable Solution for Luxury Homes.


Check out the Video Below to see what the Client had to say


Great Room – with hidden 120″ 4K Screen

The Great Room was definitely the Coolest (and most challenging) part of the project. Big Screen and Sound meets Aesthetics. We actually spent a Couple days with Paul’s Team Planning every inch of this project, we knew the end Product had to surpass the Client every Expectation.

Getting all this gear Hidden in the Great Room Space wasn’t an easy Task.

Here is a list of the gear that we hid –

In the Great Room we also incorporated the Following Sources for Content –

  • Roku 4K Player (Amazon Prime and Netflix)
  • Comcast Cable DVR
  • SONOS Music
  • Apple Mac Mini
  • Xbox (for the Grandkids)

Overall the Great Room is the Place to be in this Condo, Clear on Screen Image, with Crisp Theater Sound (that can be cranked up when needed) and a Clean Installation that comes alive with the SAVANT Remote or App.

Selecting Certain Sources from the Remote Automatically turn the Projector On, Dims the Lights, and Drops the Screen from the Ceiling. It’s pretty cool that one “Button touch” can transform an Elegant Great Room Space into the best TV, Movie and Gaming Space.

4K SONY TVs in Every Room

We outfitted the Master Suite with a 5.1 System, also with a SAVANT Remote, Every room that Has a TV got a SAVANT Remote, it makes System operation so simple for the Client, his Family and his Guests.

All the Bedrooms and well as the office has SONY XBR TVs Mounted on the Walls – we absolutely love the way 4K Content look on SONY TVs and Projectors over the other TV Names. We also outfitted the Office with a SONOS Soundbar and Subwoofer.

SONOS Music on the Balconies

To keep with the Client’s Expectation of Great Sound, we went with Bowers and Wilkins Outdoor Speakers on the Both Balconies paired with their own SONOS Connect Amps. All the Music in the world comes to the Balconies via the SAVANT App.

Lutron Lighting Control System with HVAC Integration

The Client and Paul spent alot of time Meticulously choosing the LED Lighting Fixtures, we figured it’s up to us to make it simple for the Client to use, so we chose Lutron’s Radio RA2 Lighting and HVAC Control, that we seamlessly integrated into the SAVANT System. We strategically Placed Lutron’s Lighting Keypads throughout the Home for Single Light Load Control as well as easy Lighting Scene Access that is replicated on the SAVANT System, it’s especially cool that the Client Can create his own Custom Scenes that incorporate Lighting, Temperature, Music and Video from his iPhone and iPad without Calling us. Its that Simple to Use.

WiFi Everywhere

Being a Businessman, we knew the Client had to have Blazing fast WiFi everywhere in his Condo for Video Conferences and Such. That’s Just what we did, We installed a Remotely Managed Roam Free WiFi System that reaches every inch of the Home as well as the balconies and did not rely at all on the pesky and underpowered Comcast WiFI Router.


This was an Exciting Project for us and we did Surpass the Client’s Expectation, after long nights of planning and designing our Team earned the Client’s Friendship and strengthened our Relationship with Paul and his team!


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