Outdoor Audio + Video + WiFi

Living in South West Florida definitely has some perks with our Great weather and Outdoor Living Spaces, hanging by the Pool (with a cocktail of course) with our Family and Friends or Running the Business from the comfort of the Lanai. Adding Outdoor Audio + Video + WiFi Enhances your Outdoor Space.

At CounterStrike we love Integrating Outdoor Audio + Video + WiFi into these spaces, because, well, you spend alot of time in that outdoor space, after all that’s on of the Main reasons for Building or Buying a home here.

As a Full time Resident in Cape Coral, I find myself leaving the office during the week and working from my Lanai (for a change of venue), I love having the Outdoor TV on viewing my Camera System, while I play Pandora Radio on the Speakers and have the Water Features going, I’ve also found alot of our Clients love their Outdoor Spaces more when there is Music and TV.


Here are some options available to bring Outdoor Audio + Video + WiFi to your Outdoor Space.




4K TV Outside

The Majority of our Projects have Sunbrite’s 4K Outdoor TVs. We Choose to use “Outdoor TV’s” vs. using an Indoor TV outside for a few reasons. Every component of a SunBriteTV was specifically designed to handle the harsh nature of…well, nature. Stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum is used to resist the corrosive effects of water and humidity. Protective gaskets, stripping, and grommets are specially selected to battle the harmful effects of salt air and sunlight. Some models even feature a protective screen for those parties that get a little too rowdy.

Your picture shouldn’t suffer just because you decide on an outdoor TV. SunBriteTVs are up to three times brighter than a typical indoor television, and have more 4K options than any brand on the market.

Below is a Comparison on Sunbrite’s TVs. You can also contact one of our System Designers for more Details.


Listen Up

Music and TV Sound Outside – you should already be planning this. We absolutely Love using SONOS for this. There are typically 2 Types of Outdoor Audio System that we do.

  • In Ceiling Speakers in the Lanai Area
  • Landscape Speakers around the Pool

In Ceiling Speakers we typically Wire to a SONOS Connect Amp and connect your TV to it – this way when you are sitting at the Outdoor Dining you can have the TV on and Hear the TV from the the In Ceiling Speakers or You can also enjoy streaming music services from Pandora, Spotify, Deezer and more.

Landscape Speakers around the Pool gives you comfortable listening levels with even sound that won’t disturb the neighbors – yet you can Crank it up when you need to because of a SONOS Connect wired to a powerful Amplifier with an In-Ground Subwoofer. Yeh, an In Ground Subwoofer…wait till you hear this!

Best of all, you can run both spaces independently.



WiFi Outside is an absolute must! There is nothing worse than trying to send an email, update your Facebook Status or browsing a website on your iPad and not having ample WiFi. Chances are that wireless router will be subpar outside. Our Solution when designing any System starts with an Ample Network including a Roam Free WiFi System Indoors and Outdoors.


Outdoor Audio + Video + WiFi


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