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Ever wonder what happens when you fill in one of these Forms? Check out below to see what happens at CounterStrike.

  • We appreciate the importance of your time! Consider this, the More details we have about your project, the better prepared we can be to serve you.

  • When you hit submit, the details are emailed to Tina (tina@counterstrikess.com)

  • Tina Knows how important it is to us to earn your Business.
  • When Tina gets the email, she checks with the design team to see who is available and who is most Qualified to design your Project.

  • Once confirmed the Email is Forwarded to the Designers (Julian and Andrew)

  • “We’ll admit it – sometimes we may be in a Client Design meeting at this specific moment in time (Our Goal is to make sure we reach out to you with lightning speed” – Julian and Andrew
  • Our Designer (Julian or Andrew) will reach out to you via email or phone to discuss the System Design and Proposal.

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