Definitive Technology

We are happy to Announce the Addition of Definitive Technology to our Product Lineup.


Why We Chose Definitive Technology

We were looking for a Speaker line that has a Full Portfolio with a wide range of Speakers including Subwoofers, Outdoor Speakers, In-Room Speakers, In-Ceiling Speakers. We also needed a Brand that has a Good Value for our Clients. We Found that Performance vs. Price in the Speakers we tested was Exceptional and the Definitive Technology Line of Speakers would lend to a better listening Experience for our Clients whether the music or TV was loud or at a moderate volume level. From traditional component speaker arrays, to on-wall, in-wall and in-ceiling options, to elite sound bar systems and more, Definitive Technology has the setup for the look and feel you demand.


Sound that Blends Right In

Architectural loudspeakers from Definitive Technology are engineered inside and out for the highest quality sound and the lowest visibility. Choose from multiple custom install models and build your dream home audio system into your walls or ceiling.


Which Products we Like (alot)

Outdoor Wall Mounted Speakers – AW6500  – All-Weather Loudspeaker

In Ceiling Flush Mounted Speakers – DT6.5R – DT Custom Install Series Round 6.5″ In-Ceiling Speaker

In Room Subwoofer – ProSub 1000 – High-Output Compact-Powered Subwoofer

In Wall Subwoofer (with SubAmp 600) – IW Sub Reference – Fully-Enclosed In-Wall Subwoofer

In Wall LCR Speaker – UIW RLS III – In-Wall Reference Line Source Speaker


What we Spec often

Since we love SONOS at CounterStrike it was a Natural Selection for us to wire the Speakers to a SONOS Connect Amp. We use the DT6.5R paired with a SONOS Connect Amp for indoor Multiroom Audio as well as the AW6500 with a SONOS Connect Amp for Music on the Lanai.


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